Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Beauty Tips and tricks Tuesday - Mascara

hello beauty lovers I hope you are all doing well, I decided to try something new on my blog called beauty tips tuesday where I can share with you different beauty tips and tricks which I love doing. Therefore todays beauty tips are for using mascara

1. If your mascaras have dried up then store them in a container of hot water, which should make them become thinner and like brand new. 

2. To prevent clumps on the eyelashes (unless you like the spider leg look like me) wipe the excess mascara onto a piece of tissue, and wiggle your brush side to side at the base of your lashes. 

3. If you want to voluminous thick lashes then coat both sides of your lashes with mascara, and for the bottom lashes (which can be tricky if your mascara wand is huge) turn the brush vertically to make sure you pick up every lash. You can also add baby powder after each application of mascara to make them appear thicker.

4.If you have ran out or don't own a liquid/gel eyeliner then you can use your mascara as an eyeliner, all you have to do is run it across the mascara wand to pick up product and use it as you would a gel eyeliner. 

5. If your mascara goes onto the upper eyelid and you don't want to ruin your eyeshadow, always wait for the mascara to dry then use a cotton bud to remove the mascara. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the post and I hope that you have learnt something from it, if you have any mascara tips or tricks I would love to know?

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kara xoxo

Friday, 27 March 2015

March Favourites 2015

I have been loving so many makeup products over the past few months so I thought I would share with you my favourites and also share with you other things I have been loving the past months which are not beauty related at the end.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

MAC Haul - Julia Petit lipsticks Boca, Acai and Petite Red swatches and review

Once again mac have brought out a new collection a few days ago to make me spend more money haha. Mac have collaborated with a blogger called Julia Petit and I can honestly say the lipstick colours that have been released are seriously beautiful, I am in love with all 3 colours. I decided not to buy the blush as I didn't think it would show up on my skin, also I am not a fan of lip-glosses although the one in this collection looks amazing and the eye shadows sold out sadly.

Left to right - Petite Red, Boca and Acai

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Urban decay naked palette vs makeup revolution Iconic 1 Palette Swatches and Review

Top - Urban Decay Naked Palette
Bottom - Makeup Revolution ironic 1 Palette
Ok so lately I am aware that I have been spending way too much money on makeup and I seriously need to start saving for a deposit on a house. I have been on the look out for cheaper makeup products that have the same quality as the high end brands, or makeup dupes that are a little bit cheaper. So I have finally jumped on the Makeup Revolution bandwagon and have discovered a palette that claims to be a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette, which is probably one of my favourite neutral and most used palette so I thought for £4 why not give it ago.

Top Row - Ironic 1
Bottom - Naked
(With flash)
Top Row - Ironic 1
Bottom - Naked
(With No flash)

After swatching both palettes I can honestly say without a doubt that some of the colours in both palettes are very similar in colour and texture. However the pigmentation of the shimmery shades are much better than the matte shades, and the lighter shades in the palette are pigmented but quiet chalky. Therefore my overall opinion is that the ironic palette is not an exact dupe of the naked palette as only 7 of the shades are similar and some are way off, the packaging could be better and I'm not too keen on the brush that comes with the palette. But I would still use the palette as the colours are still gorgeous and its a great price for the quality you are receiving and I don't have to use the brush that comes with the palettes, so I would recommend you try this palette if you like neutral shades. 

Have you tried any other Makeup Revolution Platte if so which ones do you recommend?
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kara xoxo

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

St Patrick's day inspired makeup look

Happy St Patrick's day...here is my inspired St Patrick's day look using all makeup academy mua eyeshadows, they are so creamy and pigmented and blend so easy. I also used urban Decay perversion mascara and for my lips primari (primark) lip liner in a nude colour and gerard cosmetics lipstick in butter cup. Don't forget to check out my other blog posts on my gerard cosmetics lipstick order and my mua eyeshadow blog.

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Kara xoxo

Monday, 16 March 2015

How Much Is My Face Worth

I have seen many beauty bloggers doing the "how much is my face worth" lately and thought that it was such a  good and fun idea to do it too, as I do use a variety of both high-end and drugstore makeup products in my everyday routine and was very intrigue as to what my total would be.

Moisturiser johnsons baby lotion - £2.79
Primer benefit porefessional - £24.50
Foundation MAC studio fix fluid - £21.50
Face setting Mac studio fix - £21.50
Under eye setting powder Rimmel stay matte - £3.99
Concealer Collection lasting perfection - £4.19
Eyeshadows - Naked palette £38.00
Mascara Urban Decay Perversion Mascara - £17.50
Highlighter Mary Lou Manizer - £17.50
Blusher Mac Desert Rose - £18
Eyebrows Collection Eyebrow Kit - £3.99
Lipliner  Mac Soar - £12.50
Lipstick Mac Velvet Teddy - £15.50

Total £237.45

OMG!!! I  am seriously shocked at the total as I wasn't expecting it to be this much, and it has really made me think about how much money I spend on makeup, However I think one good thing is that I am actually using my makeup and not hoarding it so its not a complete waste of money and it is what works with my skin best and makes me happy. 

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Kara xoxo

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Beauty And Fragrance Edition

Mother's day is sunday 15th march and if you are stuck for gift ideas for your mother then carry on reading for beauty gift ideas at affordable prices.

When going shopping in town today all I could see was signs with mother's day gifts and sales especially in Debenhams as they had 10% off fragrances, free next day deliver (which is great if you leave everything to the last minute like me) and also a £5 gift card if you spend over £40 (beauty card holders only), which I think is great as you could keep it for yourself or give it as part of the gift to your mother. Therefore whether your mother is more for beauty products of fragrances Debenhams is a great place to go. So both my mother and nan love the brand Estee lauder and at the moment in Debenhams if you buy two Estee lauder items you will receive a free gift, in addition to any two lancome purchases. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Brush Egg Brush Cleaner Demo And Review

I have recently heard so many people talking about the new way of cleaning makeup brushes with the brush egg, However I have heard both good and bad reviews on this item so I thought I would try it myself and see how it is.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

MAC Haul - Bao Bao Wan Collection swatches and review

The next collection I received was the Bao Bao wan collection which was quite a small collection so I planned on getting it all apart from the nail polish, However when I realised it had been released lavender jade lipstick and the beauty powder summer opal was already sold out, so I am hoping to be able to pick this up from my local MAC counter when it is released. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

MAC Haul - Isabel and Ruben Toledo Collection swatches and review

The last collection that MAC have released recently was the Toledo collection which I had to buy as I loved how different and unique the packaging was and I had nothing else like this. However I couldn't buy too much as I was saving my money for the cinderella collection but I wish I brought more of the toledo collection now.

MAC Haul - Cinderella Collection swatches and review

MAC Cosmetics Cinderella 2015 collection information #MACCinderella
Hello beauty lovers I hope you are all doing well, Today I am sharing with you my most recent purchases from MAC. Ok so over the past 2 weeks MAC have released a few limited edition collection and cleaning out my bank account lol. The first collection I wanted to share was the Cinderella collection which was my most favourite packaging..can we just take a minute to appreciate and drool over this amazingly beautiful purple/blue iridescent colour packaging I am seriously in LOVE with it. However I was very upset when I watched youtube reviews about this range as many of the items were aimed more towards people with fair skin and I am a NW45 so from then on I was aware that I was buying this collection purely for the packaging, this was mainly because as a child Cinderella was my favourite princess and I knew that I would regret it if I didn't buy at least one thing.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Poundland Acrylic Organisers For Makeup / Nail Polish

Hello beauty lovers I hope you are all doing well, I have found a great bargain today in poundland, YES!! poundland I couldn't believe it either..so I though I would share it will you. I went in there to have a look as I got told that they were selling nyx lipsticks, and stumbled upon this great bargain which is the acrylic makeup organisers. They were two different styles, one was a lipstick organiser/nail polish organiser and the other was a lipstick/compact organiser/nail polish where these was also space to store lipliner/eyeliners at the back. I was sooo surprised by how strong and sturdy these where, so I jumped at the opportunity and brought two, I will be going back for the lipstick organiser to put into my drawers.

Monday, 2 March 2015

My Top 5 Nude Lipsticks swatches and review

Hello all you beauty lovers I hope you are all doing well, so I have noticed the past few weeks that I have been wearing nude lipsticks a lot, they're very wearable for everyday use and complement nearly every makeup look. 

Therefore I decided to let you know my top 5 nude lipsticks, I would just like to say before I show you the lipsticks that I am very much a MAC girl and love nearly anything MAC and limited edition (ahh my heart just melts at limited edition packaging) so most of my lipsticks are Mac, but I am starting to venture out and buy new lipsticks from different brands and I am really loving Makeup Academy MUA lipsticks as well as the E.l.f.

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